High blood pressure is often nicknamed the “silent killer” due to its lack of symptoms. The British Heart Foundation estimates four million people under the age of 65 are living with untreated hypertension. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is an extremely serious health condition that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Eating a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to prevent high blood pressure. A healthy diet would consist of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. One vegetable, in particular, has been labelled a “superfood” when it comes to reducing blood pressure and there are a variety of ways to prepare and consume it. You can roast it, pickle it, juice, add it to salads, make soup with it and even make delicious stir-fries!

Enter the humble beetroot!

This inexpensive and delicious “superfood” has been credited with bringing your blood pressure reading down.

Beetroot is hailed as a particularly heart-healthy food because it is full of nitrates, which have been shown to relax blood vessels and therefore reduce blood pressure, as the blood can travel much more freely around the body.

Beetroot juice is thought to be the best way to get the most benefit from this earthy nutritious vegetable as juice is the closest to beetroot in its raw state, which is when beetroot contains the most nitrates. One study followed a group of people drinking 250 millilitres of beetroot juice and eating 250 grams of cooked beetroots every day for two weeks.

Within just one fortnight, their blood pressure had reduced “significantly”.

However, the most important adjustment one can make is by reducing the amount of salt you add to your food. Instead, try adding more herbs and spices to keep the flavours full without adding to the salt content.

While diet can go a long way in managing blood pressure, and avoiding hypertension in the first place, you should see your GP if you’re worried about your blood pressure.

  • This article is not a replacement to professional medical advice.

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