There is all manner of relaxation tips floating around in the ether. Ranging from screen-free time to yoga to camomile tea to not eating right before, it is clear that we are all looking for ways to help us unwind, rest and enjoy quality sleep. Recent research has indicated that some foods and drinks may be able to help people with their sleep.

According to some experts, achieving a great night’s sleep can be affected by what you eat in the hours before bedtime. Certain foods are known to calm the brain and help promote sleep so eating the right things in the evening is definitely part of the recipe for a good night’s kip.

Apparently, bananas which are packed with magnesium and potassium, are the perfect food to help your mind and muscles to relax. By tucking into a banana not long before you go to bed, you will stimulate the production of those key brain calming hormones and produce that soothing energy that will aid restful sleep. They also contain all-important tryptophan to stimulate the production of those key brain calming hormones.

Clearly, bananas are the fruit that just keeps giving. For more information on the wonders of this humble but versatile fruit, please click here.

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