Did you know that your oral health offers clues about your overall health — or that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body? 

While our bodies are home to a plethora of bacteria, our mouth is the entry point to our digestive and respiratory tracts and some types of bacteria can cause disease. This is why oral hygiene is so important to our overall health.

We just commemorated World Oral Health Day on 20 March 2022 and if you have been taking your oral health for granted, take this time to honour your mouth and take greater care! Often, people ignore their oral health because most oral conditions do not display obvious symptoms and are often painless until the problem has reached an advanced stage. This is why regular visits to a qualified dentist are so important.

On this World Oral Health Day, let us celebrate our body by including the most important part of the body, our oral cavity! 

Here are some tips by which you can maintain your oral health :

  1. Brush your teeth after every meal and at least twice daily, – once in the morning after you wake up and once at bedtime.
  2. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and change your toothbrush once every three months or at the first sign of frayed bristles.
  3. Use an appropriate interdental aid and/or mouthwash.
  4. Floss your teeth daily.
  5. Eat healthy! Stay hydrated!
  6. Schedule a regular dental check-up with your dentist (we recommend once every six months).

The theme for this year’s World Oral Health Day is “Be Proud Of Your Mouth. In other words, value and take care of it.”

Let’s take heed of this and begin today!

*This article is not a replacement for professional dental advice. Please always seek the advice of a qualified dentist.

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