Many of us tend to focus on cardiovascular workouts in our bid to lose weight and stay in shape. However, while cardiovascular exercises have its place in the fitness regime, we would like to explore weightlifting as an equally important but often ignored means of staying in shape.

Here are 3 reasons why weightlifting (under the guidance of a certified trainer) can be an integral part of our workout plans.

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  1. Lifting weights burn fat much more effectively than cardio workouts

Weight lifting safely helps us to build muscles. Given that muscle tissues burn far more calories than fat tissues, this would naturally mean that the more muscles one has, the more fat one would burn.

Muscles also continue to burn calories even while at rest. This means that muscle-building will naturally boost your metabolism as you add lean body mass through weight lifting. 

To effectively lose weight in a sustainable manner, a combination of a low-calorie diet plus weight training may result in greater fat loss than a low-calorie diet and walking.

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2. Lifting Weights may reduce one’s risk of injury

Heavy cardiovascular sessions could increase the risk of injury if your body is not strong or conditioned enough. This is why muscle building is crucial to a balanced and holistic work out.

Muscles form the foundation for all the movement, balance, and coordination of your body. So, a body strengthened through weight lifting may be less likely to suffer injury. 

Strength training increases the number and diameter of collagen fibrils in your tendons. Strong tendons are beneficial to prevent injury because they connect your muscles to your bones, providing support and flexibility. 

In order to avoid injuries, it is important to maintain proper form when you lift weights. If your form is incorrect, you may be putting extra stress on your muscles and joints. As such, please consult a certified trainer before embarking on any weigh lifting regime.

3. Lifting weights regularly helps strengthen our bones and joints. 

Lifting weights helps to improve overall bone and joint health which is important to fight the natural weakening of bones which causes conditions such as osteoporosis, that occurs as we age.

As always, please always consult a medical professional when in doubt.

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