We have all been to bed feeling just a little bit hungry, wondering if we should have a little bit of a midnight snack. Some of us have given in to temptation and jumped out of bed while others have held firm, believing that eating too close to bedtime is unhealthy. However, is eating too close to bedtime really bad for you?

In general, stopping food consumption hours before bedtime is generally considered healthy as long as you have been getting adequate nutrition and calories throughout the day. Not eating too close to bed time is also probably a good thing if you are following a particular diet plan (assuming that the diet plan is properly planned in accordance with established nutritional guidelines).

However, if you have not eaten all day, it might be better to eat before bed than not eat at all. If you have to eat close to bedtime, there are a variety of options that are not only healthy but can help encourage sleep while also avoiding sleep problems and an upset stomach or indigestion.

Photo by Muhammed Abiodun on Unsplash

Late-night snacks can involve foods that contain the amino acid tryptophan. These foods encourage sleep by activating the hormone serotonin in your body such as plain turkey breast, chicken or fish and if you are vegetarian, eggs and nuts. You can pair these with something made with whole grains such as whole-grain bread, crackers or cereal.

Avoid fried, spicy, sugary or greasy food that will take a long time to digest, upset your stomach, or make it difficult to sleep.

Do not drink too much liquid before bed as it could lead to frequent toilet trips during the night.

Additionally, beverages containing alcohol or caffeine could make it more difficult to fall or stay asleep.


  1. Nice one. I used to eat a lot of late night snacks. And they’re not the healthy kind😅
    Thanks for sharing. For the people like me.

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