We have all hit slumps in our energy levels. While there is no lack of resources on what exercises or stretches we can do or what we can eat to boost our energy levels, there might be an easier way – the breath.

We all breathe. It is after all a bodily function that needs to occur for us to stay alive. Why not use the life-giving breath to your advantage?

Here are 2 breathing exercises that you can do to boost sagging energy levels throughout the day.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels
  1. Double Breathing

This is a rapid breathing technique that activates the breath in short bursts. These active movements trigger the sympathetic nervous system to make you more alert. These are the steps to Double Breathing.

●︎ Inhale through the nose with a short, sharp inhalation followed directly by a long, strong inhale.

●︎ Without pausing, release a short exhale through the nose and a long exhale through the mouth.

●︎ Repeat 5 times then pause for a short break before beginning your next round.

Bellows Breath

●︎ Breathe in and out through your nose.

●︎ Engage your stomach, pulling it in on an inhale and pushing it out on an exhale. Do this mindfully and consciously.

●︎ Inhale and exhale rapidly through your nose, keeping your mouth closed but relaxed. Your breaths in and out should be equal in duration, but as short as possible. This is a noisy breathing exercise.

Do not do this for more than 15 seconds on your first try. Each time you practice you can increase your time by five seconds or so, until you reach a full minute.

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