Staying on the straight and narrow may be difficult where fitness goals are concerned. This is especially so when there are a million and one distractions and excuses ranging from work to that new show on TV competing for your time.

Here are FIVE simple tips to help you stay on top of your fitness goals!

fitness goals
  1. Set Short Term and Realistic Goals

While it may be aspirational to think of the big picture, it is important to set day-to-day goals which are achievable. For example, it might be more realistic to say, today, “I will take a 20-minute walk to get my steps up” as opposed to “I will run a 5K marathon by the end of the week”, especially if the last time you ran was when you were 16 years old.

By setting achievable goals, you will be more likely to fulfil them which will then motivate you to take the next step.

By contrast, if you set lofty goals in the heat of the moment, it will be easier to fall off the wagon and be too discouraged to start again.

2. Celebrate Yourself with every milestone

Every time you fulfil your goal, always take time out to acknowledge yourself and celebrate the fulfilment of the given task.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It simply means recognising that you have successfully completed the goal for that day and thanking yourself for a job well done.

Celebrating that achievement thereby encourages you to set the next goal and to fulfil it.

3. Do not berate yourself

If you have an off day and end up not hitting the treadmill for the 15 minutes you had previously promised yourself, IT IS OK.

You are human after all and allowed to have a bad day where you don’t complete everything you have set out to do.

Forgive yourself and focus your energy and thoughts on moving forward. Instead of wasting time berating yourself, remember, that all is not lost. Correct your course and focus on tomorrow.

Change takes time and with each challenge you overcome it will get easier, we promise!

4. Surround yourself with people who encourage you.

As the saying goes – “no man is an island”. Every time we embrace something new, we always need to be encouraged and supported.

As you embark on your new fitness goals, stay in touch with like-minded people who will encourage you in a positive manner. It could be a workout buddy or a friend on the same path.

Tell like-minded people about your goals and journey so that they can help hold you accountable and celebrate achievements with you. Also, seek inspiration and strength from those who have successfully made the journey before you, plus don’t forget to celebrate big (and small) achievements together.

5. Keep a journal of your journey

We are all gonna have bad days along with good ones. On a bad day, it is easy to feel discouraged and give in to feelings of defeat and negativity. However, if you keep a journal of your fitness journey, it will be a record of just how far you have come.

Keep a record of what you have done, ranging from your nutrition, mental health and happiness, workouts, daily inspirations to anything else that you want to record that is related to your goals. This will help you keep going and identify good (and not-so-good) habits.

If you are reminded of just how much you have actually achieved, you will be encouraged to stay the course and continue to greater heights.

Nothing is more inspirational than reminding yourself of the real improvements in your overall health and wellness, or remembering the day to day small changes in your weight or measurements if your goals include weight loss.

Fill your journal with inspiration — selecting motivational quotes and pictures to help keep you going every day. 

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