It is probably fair to say that most people do not want the problem of thinning hair. However, are there natural remedies that can be utilised to reverse this problem of thinning hair?

Some studies have indicated that rosemary essential oil can be used to promote hair growth. As the name suggests, rosemary essential oil is derived from the herb, rosemary. Essential oils are highly concentrated and distilled extracts of volatile plant compounds.

The idea that rosemary oil encourages hair growth may come from the rosemary plant’s basic health benefits. The plant in essential oil form is said to:

  • have anti-inflammatory properties
  • promote nerve growth
  • improve circulation

Rosemary essential oil strengthens circulation. As a result, it could prevent hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair loss.

Carnosic acid, an active ingredient in the plant, has healing properties and has repaired nerve damage. This ability to heal nerve endings may rejuvenate nerves in the scalp too, in turn possibly restoring hair growth.

You can utilise the healing powers of rosemary essential oil by either rubbing it directly into your scalp or by mixing it into your shampoo.

To use it directly, take about 5 drops of rosemary essential oil and massage evenly into your scalp after bath or shower. Mix with a carrier oil (like jojoba or coconut oil). Rinse out the oil afterwards if you find it too oily. If you do rinse, let the oil sit on your scalp for at least 5 to 10 minutes before so doing.

Alternatively, you can his can also add a few drops of the oil into your conditioners, lotions, or creams. Play it safe and don’t add too much. Keep to about five drops per ounce of product. Afterwards, use the product like usual. You can also add 2 to 3 drops directly to any hair product when you apply a dollop of it on your palm before use.

Avoid getting essential oil in your eyes. If contact occurs, quickly rinse your eyes with cold water.

Likewise, be careful not to apply too much to your scalp. Rosemary essential oil has been known to irritate the skin. It may cause discomfort, but no health dangers. To avoid skin irritation, dilute the oil with a carrier oil or other product before applying it.

Not enough is known about the safety of using rosemary essential oils while pregnant or breastfeeding. Though using the essential oil for hair loss is only done topically, be cautious — its effects in this regard are still unknown.

This article does not replace professional medical advice. If any reactions occur, please discontinue immediately and seek medical advice.

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