Dr. Anthony Youn from Detroit has revealed how to deal with everyday issues such as throat tickles, itchy skin and injection pains in a viral video posted online. The board-certified plastic surgeon – known as ‘America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon’ – has made a series of videos called ‘Body hacks that really work’ for his 5.1million followers. 

According to Dr Youn, the best way to supercharge your brain ahead of a test is to read over notes for a test right before you go to sleep as your brain is going to help you remember it the next morning.

Next, he answered one of the most frustrating medical mysteries: how to banish an annoying tickle in your throat. Apparently, scratching at your ear will help to help make the tickle in your throat go away.

His third hack was a timely one; how to help with the pain of getting an injection in your arm. Simply scratch the area right next to where the needle is going to hit as that will confuse your nerves and make it not hurt.

Finally, Dr Youn offered helpful advice to those suffering from mosquito bites.

‘Take a little antiperspirant and rub it against the mosquito bite,’ he said. ‘That’s going to prevent it from itching.’

This is reportedly down to the aluminium salts in the antiperspirant, which can help your body reabsorb fluid in the mosquito bite. This helps take down swelling as well as itchiness.

For more insights, please watch @tonyyounmd on TikTok.

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