Millennials have been game changers when it comes to food innovation. With higher disposable incomes and greater international exposure, millennials have have explored and continue to explore new foods and wellness trands.

There are however overarching values when it comes to millennial food and wellness trends such as food transparency, eco-friendly, ethical and cruelty-free options. There is also greater impetus placed on self-care and an increasing desire to consume foods that are not just functional in nature, but also for the experience.

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1. Food transparency.

Millennials want to know what exactly is in their food, including the story behind responsibly-sourced ingredients. This especially serves true regarding meat and seafood products that have adopted animal welfare standards.

2. Eco-friendly options.

With their hunger for sustainability and reducing carbon footprints, millennials want environmentally friendly options. The push leads to more organic foods free of GMOs, fertilisers and plant-based options. They would also pay attention to the packaging of the food, such as whether or not the packaging was bio degradable or compostable or whether or not it was plastic-free.

3. Ethical Options

Millennials pay greater attention to the ethical footprint of the food product. For example, they would be concerned with whether the production utilised unfair labour practices or worse still, child labour

4. Millennials favour convenience

Thanks to the advancement of technology, easy to access workout apps and meal delivery services continue to evolve. Also interested in healthy eating and specialty diets, millennials willingly pay extra for ready-made meals using high-quality ingredients that also satisfy the eco-friendly and ethical or cruelty-free checklist.

4. Millennials believe in self-care.

Despite the longstanding history of self-care, its promotion and growth can be thanked by millennials. They often commit to improving physical and mental health and spend more on self-care strategies compared to older age groups.

5. Millennials socially share their picture-perfect experiences.

Millennials are the most digitally-connected generation. With the proliferation of social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram, coupled with the easy-to-use and ever-present I phone, they enjoy sharing their experiences through curated pictures of their experiences and social media handles. Given that, millennials want food products and their wellness ventures to be picture-perfect and #instaworthy.

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